IWCC – Inspirational Women’s Charity Cricket 2019

IWCC – Inspirational Women’s Charity Cricket

The Inspirational Women’s Charity Cricket tournament, is an all female cricket tournament, where a group of career focused women who don’t play cricket professionally or otherwise have gone out of their comfort zone to come together and play cricket to raise money for charity and to inspire future generations to take up the sport.

The tournament came about when an image on social media showcasing a group of men, and just one female been given a tour around Park Avenue had been proudly distributed. Naturally, our founder Fatima Patel, was angered by this display, as she felt once again women were not given their equal due and had not been considered as worthy business women who like the men could also support and should have been considered equally as worthy enough of a tour and consideration for support. Following a few exchange of words, a meeting was agreed with Yorkshire Cricket Community (YCC) Development Officer and English and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) National Growth Manager – Diverse Communities.

Ownership was taken for the error and it was then challenged that if YCC and ECB created the opportunities and provided the resources would our founder be able to get a female tournament together. Our founder agreed and where two teams of 11 females was agreed,  four teams have now been established to play for the very first IWCC tournament. Which proves that if given support, resources and opportunities women, YES even those of BAME background WILL play.

The four teams are called Team Bradford, Team England, Team India, and Team Pakistan. Each team has 11 players and they will all play hoping to win the pot of money for their chosen charity on 18th August 2019.

Businesses have been invited to sponsor the team kits, of which 100% of money raised will go to the cause, where fifty per cent of the money will go to Park Avenue, which allow young children to continue accessing the cricket pitch and playing for free and the remaining fifty per cent will go to the winning team who will donate that to their chosen charity.

A further crowdfunding page has been set up, so that friends, families and associates of the ladies can donate whatever small amount they wish, which will then be equally distributed among all four charities chosen by the four teams.

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The women who are participating in this tour are already successful in their professions, ranging from Dentists, Doctors, Solicitors, entrepreneurs, politicians to journalists. How will they juggle work, home and cricket practice? Find out if they make it to the tournament on 18th August 2019.

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